Welcome to Customs Wrap

CustomsWrap Announcement The issued share capital of CustomsWrap Limited is being acquired by OWK Holdings Limited. OWK Holdings Limited is developing its direct and indirect taxation logistics business which it is hoped to cover:

  • Financial Guarantees required for UK HMRC import purposes; and
  • ATE & BTE Taxation Litigation Risk Insurance; and
  • ATE Commercial Litigation Risk Insurance; and
  • Senior Life Settlement Portfolio Risk Insurance

    Whilst the OWK Holdings Group business is being developed enquires can be sent to:

    Clive Othen T. 07894 727924 E. cro@customswrap.co.uk


    Nick Watson T. 07725 094517 E. nw@customswrap.co.uk

    It is important to understand that none of the OWK Holdings Ltd companies are authorised, in any capacity, by the Financial Conduct Authority and as such cannot yet enter into any form of insurance mediation